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Sprinkler Seasonal Services: Gear Up for Every Season

Utah's diverse seasons demand specialized care for your sprinklers. From winterizing to spring start-ups, we ensure your system is primed for peak performance all year round.

Winter ready

Sprinkler Winterization

As temperatures drop, it's crucial to protect your sprinkler system from freezing. Our winterization service ensures your pipes and components are safeguarded against the cold.

  • System blowouts

    Removing water to prevent freezing and potential damage

  • Insulation

    Protecting exposed components from frost

  • Winter check

    Ensuring all parts are winter-ready

Spring rev-up

Spring sprinkler start-up

When spring arrives, it's time to get your sprinklers back in action. We'll restart your system, making necessary adjustments to ensure it's ready for the growing season.

  • System testing

    Checking for leaks or malfunctions after the winter

  • Sprinkler head adjustments

    Ensuring optimal spray patterns for even watering

  • Drip line inspections

    Checking for clogs or damage

  • Pressure checks

    Verifying water pressure for efficient operation

  • Zone testing

    Ensuring each zone is watering effectively

  • Sensor calibration

    Adjusting for changing weather conditions

Seasonal rates

Sprinkler Seasonal Services Pricing

Ensure your sprinkler system is season-ready without any surprises. Our transparent pricing covers all your seasonal needs.