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Top-Tier Lawn Care for West Jordan Residents & Businesses

Whether you're a homeowner in Shadow Mountain or a business near Jordan Landing, 'Ready, Set, Mow!' is dedicated to giving your property the care it deserves.

Consistent Care

Weekly Maintenance for Pristine Properties

We understand the pride of having a well-maintained lawn, be it for your home or business. Our team is here to ensure your property stands out week after week.

  • Precision mowing

    Achieve a lawn that's the envy of your neighbors or competitors.

  • Expert edging

    Sharp and clean boundaries for a polished look.

  • Detailed trimming

    Every corner, every edge, meticulously cared for.

  • Blow & go finish

    A final touch that leaves your property looking its best.

Efficient Hydration

Sprinkler Solutions for Every Property

Ensure your lawn remains lush and vibrant, whether it's the backyard of your family home or the landscape of your business premises.

  • Custom installations

    Tailored setups for varied property sizes.

  • Water saving systems

    Eco-friendly solutions that save on utility bills.

  • Prompt repairs

    Minimize downtime and keep your lawn hydrated.

Ready for Excellence?

Join West Jordan's Best Lawn Care Experience

Barrier Defense

Pest Control for Peace of Mind

Protect your home or business from common pests. Our solutions ensure a safe and comfortable environment for families and customers alike.

  • Spider defense

    Keep interiors and exteriors spider-free.

  • Ant barrier

    Prevent ant invasions in gardens, patios, and premises.

  • Safe protocols

    Effective treatments that prioritize safety.