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Secure Your Home's Perimeter

Create a first line of defense against common pests with Ready, Set, Mow!'s Perimeter Pest Control services.

Black Widow Blockade

Safety from the Shadows

Black Widow Spiders, known for their distinctive markings and potent bite, require careful handling. Our perimeter treatments target the secluded nooks and crannies that these spiders favor, ensuring your home remains a safe haven.

  • Targeted treatments

    Focus on high-risk areas to deter Black Widows.

  • Peace of mind

    Expert handling to keep your environment safe.

Trackside Spider Defense

Guarding Against Ground Dwellers

Wolf and Hobo Spiders are ground-dwelling hunters that often wander into homes. Our barrier services are designed to prevent these unintended intruders, maintaining the natural balance outside your home.

  • Habitat disruption

    Deterring ground spiders from encroaching.

  • Entry point sealing

    Fortifying your home's perimeter.

  • Environment awareness

    Preserving beneficial outdoor ecosystems.

Begin with a free estimate

The Ultimate Defense Line

Embark on the path to a safer, more comfortable home environment with Ready, Set, Mow!'s expert pest control services. Whether you're battling seasonal swarms or seeking to fortify your home's defenses, a free, no-obligation estimate is your first step towards peace of mind.

Invasion alert

Ant-free assurance

Ants marching one-by-one into your home can be more than a nuisance; it can lead to bigger problems. Our Perimeter Pest Control creates an invisible barrier that deters ants from entering, ensuring your home remains an ant-free zone.

  • Bait and barrier techniques

    Strategic placement to deter ant colonies.

  • Perimeter scouting

    Regular checks to maintain an ant-free boundary.

Siege stopped

Seasonal swarm safeguard

When Boxelder Bugs, European Firebugs, and June Bugs swarm, they can become a significant nuisance. Our perimeter pest control services are designed to prevent these bugs from congregating around and entering your home, keeping your living spaces peaceful and pest-free.

Transparent track pricing

Invest in your peace of mind

Embark on your journey to a pest-free home with Ready, Set, Mow!'s Perimeter Pest Control services, where quality meets affordability. This investment covers comprehensive exterior treatments designed to fortify your home against common pests, ensuring lasting protection and peace of mind.

Quarterly treatments to maintain a strong perimeter defense
Custom tailored to the specific challenges of your property
Delivered by our seasoned pit crew
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All pricing and service availability is based on total square feet of turf and will vary as every yard is different.

Queries cleared

Your pest control questions, answered

Navigating pest control solutions can spark a lot of questions. Whether you're curious about the pests we target, the safety of our treatments, or how to maintain a pest-free perimeter, you'll find your answers here.

What pests does your Perimeter Pest Control service specifically target?

Our service is designed to combat a range of common pests in Utah, including ants, earwigs, boxelder bugs, European firebugs, June bugs, black widow spiders, and more. We focus on creating a barrier that deters these pests from entering your home.

How often should I receive Perimeter Pest Control treatments?

For optimal protection, we recommend quarterly treatments. This ensures the perimeter barrier remains intact and effective throughout each season, adapting to any changes in pest behavior and activity.

Are the chemicals used safe for my family and pets?

Absolutely. The safety of your family and pets is our top priority. We use environmentally friendly and pet-safe products that are effective against pests but pose no harm to humans or animals when used as directed.

Can Perimeter Pest Control help with pest infestations already inside my home?

While our Perimeter Pest Control service is designed to prevent pests from entering, it's part of a comprehensive approach to pest management. If you're dealing with an existing infestation inside your home, we offer additional services to address these issues directly.

What can I do to complement the Perimeter Pest Control service and keep pests away?

Maintaining a clean and tidy yard, sealing cracks and crevices in your home's exterior, and reducing standing water can all help complement our services and reduce the likelihood of pest invasions.

Is there a guarantee with your Perimeter Pest Control service?

Yes, we stand behind the effectiveness of our services. If you encounter pest issues between scheduled treatments, we offer follow-up services to address the problem at no additional cost to you.